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DC 4000 Wash System

The wash system has been revolutionising the way soft contents is restored in Canada and North America for 15 years and is now tried and tested across 500 Locations. They have saved insurance companies millions in improved restoration success rates and lower replacement costs

Disaster Care Platinum is the exclusive UK provider of the solution and has been successfully operating in London and South East region for the last 12 months; coverage for Midlands and South West will be available by March 2018 and full UK coverage over the next 18 months.

Traditional methods of cleaning dislodge dirt by mechanical action or dry cleaning which results in breakdown of materials, environmentally unfriendly chemicals and limited success rates. Too much isn't restored.

DC4000 wash system utilizes hydraulic action and water pressure to clean, mechanical action is kept to a minimum. Environmentally safe proprietary detergents and low wash temperatures, designed not to damage leathers, fabrics and foams results in significantly higher success rates.


Odour removal including smoke odour and sewage is particularly effective.

Items are ATP tested to check no bacteria or mould exists.


Third party independent laboratory testing has verified that our Wash System restores water damaged (clean, grey and black from an internal source) contents to hygienically (food grade) clean.


Alton Facility 1st Year Data

Cleaning Success Rate Savings Made
Items Cleaned Items BER Success rate Replacement Value DCP Clean Cost Savings for Insurance Companies Reduction in replacement cost
28815 1214 95.80% £737k £216k £504k 68%

What perils can we restore?

  • Water Damage - Category 1, 2, 3 (Clean, Grey and Black)
  • Heavy Smoke and Soot damage
  • Mould
  • Bio Waste and Trauma Scene
  • Diesel and Heating Fuel

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About Us

A specialist restoration service, trusted for high value insurance claims - DisasterCare Platinum handles technically complex projects resulting from fire and flood damage.

Our platinum standard service includes water damage restoration, structural drying, fire and smoke removal, mould and microbial remediation – as well as accidental damage to carpets and soft furnishings.