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Posted on 13th September 2017
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Visible Mould

Executive Summary

After 2 years of repeated mould growth reoccurrence on a living room front wall, the PH was extremely distressed and concerned for their health and well being. Insurers had instructed 2 contractors previously to diagnose the problem without success; the mould just kept coming back.

DCP were selected to complete a full survey of the property, to identify the moisture source and provide remediation recommendations…


Scientific Mould Survey

DCP has unrivalled experience in mould investigations and remediation. Mould issues are generally the result of a combination of factors including water ingress, poor airflow, lifestyle choices and unsanitary conditions.
DCP consultants take an holistic view when performing building surveys, internal and external factors are considered. Construction methods and materials are documented. All contributing factors are carefully evaluated.
Specialist equipment, on-site scientific analysis methods and of course, years of experience, are employed to pinpoint the moisture problems that lead to microbial growth.

of internal issues contributed to the environmental conditions that allowed the proliferation of mould colony forming units (CFU’s) on the subject wall. High levels of humidity thought to
be from a previously broken drain; poor air flow and limited air exchanges, possible rising damp, had all been cited previously. The less obvious problem was identified after a discussions with the PH. They had lived in
the home for 12 years but had the external stone/brick repointed 3 years earlier. On-site analysis revealed that Portland cement had been used rather than lime mortar which meant that the building wasn’t able to breath.
Frost damage was identified on saturated bricks and stone. The mould appeared about a year after the re-pointing indicating that the problem was in-fact a construction defect; that the moisture was trapped in the walls.
You can find a copy of the case study here.

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