Contents Recovery at DisasterCare

The contents teams at DisasterCare Platinum specialise in the claim management, validation, cleaning and salvage of soft and hard contents affected by water, flood, wind, mould and fire damage. We are dedicated to helping policyholders recover their precious belongings and rebuild their lives, and supporting industry professionals to understand the size of the claim and the savings that can be delivered by restoration rather than a replacement.

The DC4000 Wash System

Our innovative solution is a technological leap forward. We are redefining what is restorable, demonstrating significant savings for insurers and returning to customers cherished items that would previously be unrecoverable.

Contents Cleaning video

iCare App

Our field teams are able to use our iCare validation application to capture, see and share items that are being removed for storage, cleaning or restoration.

Document SOS – Restoring Damaged Documents

Document SOS, part of the DisasterCare Platinum family, are specialists in the restoration of damaged documents.  With over 30 years of experience, Document SOS have the knowledge to reverse water damage (including sewage), mould, smoke, soot and fire damage on a vast array of documents likely to be important to the customer.

Soft & Hard Contents Restoration

Before RestorationAfter Restoration
Before RestorationAfter Restoration
Before RestorationAfter Restoration