Document SOS – Restoring Damaged Documents

Document SOS, part of the DisasterCare Platinum family, are specialists in the restoration of damaged documents.  With over 30 years of experience, Document SOS have the knowledge to reverse water damage (including sewage), mould, smoke, soot and fire damage on a vast array of documents likely to be important to the customer. The team have prided themselves on a quick response, excellent file tracking and cost effective results.  

  • BOOKS 

Document SOS provide –

  • Reduced business and homelife interruption
  • Reduced inconvenience for policy holders
  • Reduced time and cost of insurance claims

Our Processes

Document SOS provides immediate Frost & Frozen storage capacity in several locations across the UK to prevent mould damage or ongoing deterioration from water damage.  Isolation and freezing also prevents bacterial growth and cross contamination.

Non-toxic aqueous treatments are used to decontaminate all forms of paper documentation following water damage.

Drying and restoring large volumes of damaged personal artefacts and business records, SOS’ Dryfast Chamber can dry up to 70-80 crates per week. This is much quicker than freeze vacuum drying and has the advantage of providing a fast-track option for work-in-progress documents. This is also more cost effective than trying to photocopy or reprint water damaged papers.

Utilising a freeze vacuum chamber, recommended for antiquarian or irreplaceable books.

Tightly packed paperwork does not burn easily due to the lack of oxygen between the pages, therefore the damage is generally from acidic smoke or soot and acrid odour.

Smoke and soot odour can be removed permanently and charred documents can be stabilised to prevent further losses.

Before & After Document Restoration

Before RestorationAfter Restoration
Before RestorationAfter Restoration
Before RestorationAfter Restoration