Drains get blocked, back up or just leak and it can cause all sorts of problems for any homeowner especially if it’s foul water or sewage. It can leave a home in a terrible mess, leave the occupants vulnerable to disease and illness and disrupt their daily life. Sometimes just lack of maintenance over several years can cause issues, whatever the reason, it needs fixing in double quick time.

So…when you have a drainage problem – Consult the experts – DisasterCare Home Emergency.

How Disastercare Can Help

  • Trades arrival at property within 4 hrs, for vulnerable customers within 2 hrs or sooner
  • Average lifecycle of claim not to exceed 3 days
  • We only use industry qualified and registered specialist Drainage suppliers
  • Our service extends to every part of the UK through our nationwide network of suppliers
  • Ensure the well being of your policy holder’s, don’t leave drainage problems to chance