When plumbing installations leak or break down, it can be an absolute nightmare for the policyholder. No hot water, no heating, a cold home, you need to know that help is on hand from qualified tradespeople…and quickly.

Most plumbing emergencies cannot be dealt through DIY sources, you need the experts from DisasterCare Home Emergency.

How Disastercare Can Help

Fully trained and qualified tradesmen will visit your policy holder’s property, identify and fix the problem, so the home is returned to comfortable living conditions in no time.

  • Trades arrival at property within 4 hrs, for vulnerable customers within 2 hrs or sooner
  • Heating claims will arrive within 24 hours
  • Average lifecycle of claim not to exceed 3 days
  • We only use industry qualified and registered plumbers
  • Our service extends to every part of the UK through our nationwide network of suppliers
  • Ensure the health and quality standards of living are maintained for all your policy holders