These are just a few reviews we have received from policy holders who have been delighted with the DisasterCare service

Dear Raed, I particularly wanted to write and thank you for DisasterCare’s service. I thought I was in for a nightmare of a refurbishment. Covea Insurance very efficiently contacted your company to remove the water, dry out the kitchen and wine cellar, strip out all the water damaged kitchen units and dig up the floor tiles. From the first of your colleagues to the last to leave my house I have been struck by the courtesy and professionalism they have brought to the job. Every person we have dealt with has been professional, helpful, on time, skilled, sympathetic, cheerful (and if you can do cheerful in these Covid 19 times you are a hero) and tidy. I list below all your colleagues who I dealt with and they are as follows; Raed, Rachis, Dawid, Charles, Sue, Shivaun, Gina.  Thank you once again for looking after our disaster so expertly and I wish you every success in the future. Lastly you have my permission to quote any part of this email. Best Wishes Dallas


Hi. Your boys were superb, very caring and very clean seeing to our property.
Lots of respect. Thanks Kathleen Layton

Kathleen Layton

Following one of the most traumatic events of my life – a house fire – every member of the DisasterCare team dealt with me and my personal possessions in the most sympathetic and considerate manner possible. Coupled with that, they were also thorough, methodical and practical in their handling and recording of every item, giving me immense confidence in their capability. I knew nothing would be missed, When everything else around me connected with the fire was so stressful, DisasterCare was definitely not. I shall be eternally grateful for that, so thank you so very much. Mrs Ashton

Mrs Ashton

I’d like to thank Kevin Shields and the team for their service, very friendly and conscientious, always on hand and easy to contact in these difficult and different times, they were very informative and swift in following up the drying out process, regular checks and Kevin was always in contact throughout, I feel a great deal of gratitude owed as to helping making my house my home again, the flood I had was horrendous , the damage left me feeling numb, the reassurance that disaster care supplied me with was very uplifting and put all my worries at ease, swift removal of the drenched carpets and soak up of the flood waters, and within a few weeks of dehumidifing and drying, there was a lot of damage averted, Thankyou Kevin and team, Marching on together, All the best, Adam Sammon

Adam Sammon
Very smooth process, the workers were amazing and made us feel at ease. The whole process was less stressful with their help & knowledge. Very happy customers – Gordon

Hi Andy, so today I finally finished putting the house back together with the last piece of furniture built. That meant I got to unpack my snowglobes you so carefully restored and packed. They now live back in my new unit where they are supposed to be. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything,  from the first day (2days after the fire) you have made everything so much easier and the respect you have had for the most stupid things, from my silver necklace, to the snow globes to my daughters playmobil, you understood how much they meant to us. So at the end of a truly rubbish situation I can now say thank you so much.
So Admiral hats of to DisasterCare,  Redoak and SCS SW Ltd as they have done you proud, Kind regards, Diane Powell

Diane Powell

To the DisasterCare team,
What a FANTASTIC bunch you all are, you made me so happy, cleaning my house and treating everything with such care you all deserve a medal for all of the hard work that you have done. I will never forget you all. Thank you ~ Sue


I wanted to let you know how impressed we are with the services of DisasterCare after having been flooded in the recent heavy rain.
We are  at: (address withheld for security and GDPR regulations) and the front of the flat – my husband’s study and the bedroom were both flooded.
Drew has been unfailing helpful, professional and effective and we have also been impressed with the teams whom he has employed. Our carpets were taken away, dehumidifiers installed, books boxed up, skirting boards removed and Drew has been monitoring the moisture levels for us. In a rather traumatic situation it is extremely helpful to have someone who so professional, capable, effective and sympathetic.
Thank you for everything that you have done so far. I know people are quick to complain but not always so quick to praise so I wanted to be sure to send you this, I have copied in my husband as he feels the same.
With best wishes, Janette Grant

Janette Grant

I am just writing to express my sincerest thanks to 2 of your employees – David Gamble and Stephen McMenemy (apologies if I have the incorrect spelling of their names). I live at (address withheld for security and GDPR regulations). Our property was being repaired after experiencing a leak in the kitchen. To cut a long story short, your company were storing furniture on our behalf whilst the repair was taking place. The repair was being managed on behalf of Halifax by Crawford & Co, who utilised Wallace Contracts to oversee the repair.

We had been out of our house and residing in alternative accommodation for approximately 9 weeks. Desperate to return to our own house I contacted Stephen at DisasterCare and asked when we could have our furniture returned. He advised that due to the pending Easter holiday, along with other pre planned jobs, it would be most likely the 9th April before they could return the furniture to us. I advised my wife of this and she was distraught. We were extremely keen to get back to our own house as we had spent so long in the alternative accommodation. As such my wife contacted Stephen and as a result, we were informed that they would go out of their way to return what they could later that evening – We understood that they were currently on different jobs across the country and didn’t have our furniture with them, so it would be unlikely that we would have everything returned. However, that evening, Stephen and David turned up at our home address in their respective vans and they had all our furniture with them. They carefully and professionally returned all items to where they had been removed from. As a direct result of this action, we were able to return to our property that evening and have been there since.

My wife and I would like to extend our most sincere thanks and gratitude to both Stephen and David as they went so far out of their way to assist us on this occasion – especially on the eve of the Easter holiday – that it left me truly speechless. Indeed, when I advised my wife that all items were back and we could move back in, she was moved to tears! The guys are a credit to your company and provided excellent customer service to us. As I stated earlier, they went FAR beyond what was hoped of them and went out of their way to ensure that we could be back in our house as soon as possible. The fact that they did this when they really didn’t need to and on the eve of Easter is truly commendable and something that our words of appreciation don’t seem to convey strongly enough.

We are truly grateful to them for what they did to assist us and hope that you pass on these words of thanks to them on our behalf.