The DC4000 Wash System

Our innovative solution is a technological leap forward. We are redefining what is restorable, demonstrating significant savings for insurers and returning to customers cherished items that would previously be unrecoverable.

DC4000 Wash System

Combining specially patented hydraulic action and water pressure, environmentally safe detergents and low wash temperatures, the DC4000 Wash System results in significantly higher restoration success rates and much less waste to landfill.

  • DisasterCare Platinum is the exclusive UK provider of the solution and has nationwide coverage.
  • 12 of our regional centres across the UK have the DC4000 wash capability, contact us for your local provider.

The DisasterCare Contents Restoration Process

Tangible savings – and environmental benefits

Delivering 97% restoration success on soft contents, saving insurers £11.3 million (between Jan 2017 – Sept 2021)


Year Claims Items BER Success
2017 99 31,406 96%
2018 250 83,861 93%
2019 506 179,647 97%
2020 529 171,235 96%
2021 364 94,345 97%
Replacement Value Cost to Restore Saving Average Saved
£16.7m £5.4m £11.3m 68%

Claim Count 2017-2021

Claim Count 2017-2021

Environmental Impact

1.5 Billion Litres water saved.

Enough for 582,051 adults for three years.


Items restored = less landfill.

4,114,026 kg CO2 saved.

895 Passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

Figures since 2017*

What is Restorable?


Soft Toys

Leather Goods

Home Furnishings

Celebration, Traditional Wear

Sports Goods