iCare App

Our field teams are able to use our iCare validation application to capture, see and share items that are being removed for storage, cleaning or restoration.

  • Sadly, some losses are severe enough that items cannot be cleaned or restored, or the work involved in doing so is uneconomical. Our team will picture all items that are not restorable and provide the insurance company with a guideline price for a replacement.
  • In cases of total loss of many items, the task can be emotional and overwhelming for the policy holder. We can take up the burden of sorting through this devastation and work with the policy holder and insurance company.

Our reporting brings all the pictured items together in one report for ease of use and understanding for everyone.

  • The iCare app delivers a real time tool that makes information in the field easy to capture, see and share
  • It also delivers smart reports, with photographs and accurate validation of restored and BER items.
  • iCare removes all physical paperwork
  • Weblinks are inserted to demonstrate current replacement prices
  • It delivers voice recognition technology

iCare App Report Examples