Flood & Water Damage

Flooding, internal leaks and escapes of water can quickly lead to an increased health risk and deterioration in the value and usefulness of your property. Speed is of the essence as moulds and bacteria can amplify in 48hrs in the right conditions as well as the ability of water to swell and distort building materials making them beyond restoration and therefore increasing economic damage.

DisasterCare Platinum’s professional team understands the time-constraints a water-damage project needs to be accomplished in. They deliver exceptional restoration activity, reclaiming the property quickly– including its distinctive features – whilst meeting the individual needs of the policy holder. This includes :-

  • Total Project Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation 
  • Initial report for Insurer/Loss Adjuster
  • Clear property of any contents likely to be further damaged by water ingress
  • Ensure electrics are safe and if necessary, consult DisasterCare Home Emergency services for reinstatement
  • Clear hard contents where possible for evaluation
  • Install drying regime if within DA or consult insurer/Loss Adjuster for further instructions.
  • Further reports as drying process progresses
  • Drying Certificate issued upon completion