Flood & Water Damage Restoration

Flooding, internal leaks and escapes of water can quickly lead to an increased health risk and deterioration in the value and usefulness of your property. Speed is critical as moulds and bacteria can amplify in the right conditions as well as the ability of water to swell and distort building materials, making them beyond restoration and therefore increasing economic damage.

How DisasterCare Can Help

DisasterCare Platinum’s professional team understands the time-constraints a water-damage project needs to be accomplished in. The need to mitigate the damage quickly to stop secondary damage, and to ensure the building structure maintains its integrity is paramount. At all times whilst meeting the individual needs of the policy holder.

At DisasterCare, we appreciate that any incident is a very traumatic time for the policyholder.

We aspire to :-

  • Provide empathy and care, treating every policyholder as an individual, not a claim
  • Ease the burden of such a traumatic event
  • Return people’s lives back to normal, and their homes back to pre-incident condition, quickly and economically
  • Reduce the disruption to the policyholders home life as much as possible