In the home one of the most common faults and repair requirements are for emergency electrical work.

Poor or unsafe electrical connections can be extremely dangerous and be a major health and fire hazard. Electrical work is a very specialised area so fully qualified experts should always be called in to ensure the safe repairs are carried out. Most emergency electrical call outs can be resolved on the first visit.

Many homes cannot cook, heat their homes or get a hot water supply without a guaranteed and safe electrical connection, so when disaster strikes it needs to addressed rapidly. With 90% of our call outs attended within 4 hours by our national network of suppliers, all audited, DRB checked and trained to the highest industry standards, you can see why so many insurers rely of the efficient, cost effective and quality service offered by the DisasterCare Home Emergency team.

Ensure the health and quality standards of living are maintained for all your policy holders.

How Disastercare Can Help

With our claims centre manned 24 hours a day, we can be on site in any emergency situation, anywhere in the UK within 4 hours.

Call our 24/7 emergency hotline on 0115 697 6135 (24/7) . Don’t leave your electrical supply to chance – call us to ensure a safe and secure electrical repair is made – for your peace of mind…theres nobody better positioned to get you back on your feet following an electrical breakdown – DisasterCare Home Emergency