How DisasterCare can help with Accidental Damage

Accidents happen – whether it’s a wine spill or dirt and grime trodden into your beautiful carpets.  Blood or pet stains, paint spills or other accidents to your policy holder’s carpets and soft furnishings.  

Repair and cleaning is usually much more cost effective than replacement, and often easily achievable back to pre-incident condition.

All of our teams are experts in carpet fibre construction, understanding what can be cleaned and what can’t.  Carpet Cleaning success is often dependent on the time that has elapsed since the accident, and the nature of the stain/spillage.

DisasterCare has a bespoke Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaning Guide to advise what the success rate is of different kinds of spills, and are always happy to look at any job and advise accordingly.

The following guide gives tips and success rates for the restoration of most spots and stains on carpet and textile rugs for the majority of household incidents.