About DisasterCare

DisasterCare Platinum has been serving the Insurance industry since 2006 with Restoration and Recovery services.

  • We are a second generation family run business wholly-owned by the Netherton family.
  • It all started back in 1988 with the National Flood School, which is based in Farnham in Surrey.
  • The National Flood School had Europe’s first specialist training centre built in 2000, which is a house that can be flooded, then dried demonstrating all the various drying methodologies and project requirements in a safe, learning environment
  • It has now trained more than 15,000 practitioners from 11 countries.

The business now has contracts in place with many of the UK’s top insurance companies, working on their policy holder’s property insurance claims. Additionally, many commercial organisations benefit from DisasterCare’s specialist cleaning services as well as property and homeowners, all receiving the same levels of expertise and service, helping insurers, commercial organisations and homeowners get their lives back on track following an incident.

  • We remove failure and waste from the front line by being technology led
  • We deliver the very best customer experience in the market
  • We deliver global best practice and innovation in the UK
  • We have 27 fully equipped, fully operational branches across the UK – true national coverage, all with industry certified staff
  • All claims are managed through head office based in Hampshire, through a claims management and progress system
  • Providing consistency, quality and empathy for the policy holder on EVERY project
  • Chris Netherton, our CEO is the technical author of BSI PAS 64: mitigation recovery of water damage buildings.  A code of practice which is the de facto UK standard for supply chain and lawyers to refer to when a claim has gone wrong.
  • For any RICS members we write and maintain their Iserve online training and referral tool for flood remediation and building drying
  • In 2016 the ABI asked the BDMA and ourselves to author a document that could be given to members of the public which explain water and flood damage restoration, how moisture meters work and what governs drying and stripping out programmes. 

Our innovative approach to Restoration and Recovery is well documented with our awards, and to ensuring we restore rather than replace whenever possible.

Our recent awards for innovation and technical quality