DisasterCare Northern Ireland invest in technologically advanced contents cleaning system

Published On: January 15, 2022Categories: Case Histories, Contents

DisasterCare Northern Ireland have significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and ability to restore more contents following Fire, Flood or Mould contamination, with the purchase of the patented and exclusive DC 4000 wash system.

State of the art technology

Insurance customers, their policyholders and commercial businesses can now benefit from the system which is exclusive to DisasterCare, and when linked with the iCare app it provides an incredible 96% restoration rate for soft contents and clothing, following an incident in the home or business premises.

The iCare programme is a validation and inventory app, which delivers real time reporting that makes information in the field easy to capture, see and share. It delivers smart reports, with photographs and accurate validation of restored and BER items, removes all physical paperwork and duplication of effort with weblinks inserted to demonstrate current replacement prices. It also benefits from Voice Recognition Technology.

DisasterCare’s focus on restoring rather than replacing is changing the model for the settlement of soft contents claims by restoring smoke, soot, sewage and mould damaged soft contents to food grade clean standards. The DC 4000 wash programme delivers remarkable success rates. Items are held stationary as the drum rotates through the detergent laden water every 30 seconds with the hydraulic pressure forcing the contaminants out. Specialist detergents are powerful cleaners which are an integral part of the programme, while mechanical action is kept to a minimum to protect the contents throughout the restoration process.

Proven performance providing massive savings

DisasterCare Platinum is a national provider of Disaster Recovery and Restoration, alongside specialist cleaning services. It has 27 fully operational branches across the UK, with 12 of them being specialist contents restoration centres, with the DC 4000 wash programme capability. Many of these branches have been fully operational with the DC 4000 for 4 years, providing excellent results and on average 96% restoration rates for soft contents. This in turn provides massive savings for insurers and commercial businesses, also safeguarding the highly emotive sentimental value on many items.

Key environmental considerations

The environmental effect of this new advanced cleaning programme should also be a major consideration.

In the 4 years DisasterCare has employed the system, over 1.3 billion litres of water has been saved, which is the amount of water used by over half a million adults combined, for 3 years.

During the same period, 469,128 less items have gone to landfill with 3,591,836 kg of CO2 being saved in the process, which is equivalent to taking 784 passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

DisasterCare’s DC 4000 wash system not only delivers outstanding restoration success for soft contents, it also makes a valuable contribution to sustainability and the environment.

The future of restoration

David Gamble, Director of DisasterCare’s Northern Ireland branch commented: – “It’s certainly the way we have to move forward in our industry. We have to look at delivering value, consistency and quality for all of our customers, while ensuring we provide tangible corporate responsibility values. This investment is doing just that by improving our efficiency and the cost and environmental savings speak for themselves.”