Fine art glass sculpture dismantled, packed, cleaned and transported following family relocation

Published On: February 1, 2022Categories: Case Histories, Removals & Storage

Planning for transportation

James Glancy, from DisasterCare Platinum’s Logistics division was recently instructed to transport a very valuable and precious piece of fine art glass sculpture in the shape of a table, from Winchester to a new address in Bristol.

Moving the sculpture was part of a family relocation, which had 50 leaves that had to be dismantled one at a time to allow safe transportation.

The sculpture was the family’s pride and joy, and worth many thousands of pounds, was hand signed by the artist, so the move had to be effected with military style precision and care.

James and his team had to first dismantle each leaf of the sculpture, then number each leaf individually so that they could be re-assembled in the correct order. Each leaf was then carefully wrapped in specialist “fragile” packing material, categorised onto the export documentation, loaded onto packing crates which were filled with polychips to give them additional protection during transit.

Following the wrapping , the crates were then loaded onto the van and securely fastened to ensure they remained stable and safe during transportation.

Delivering excellence in customer service

The highly valuable and delicate goods were then transported to their new home in Bristol. The sculpture had to be unloaded at the new address, re-assembled in the correct order, with each leaf being thoroughly cleaned with specialist glass cleaner prior to re-assembly in its new location.

The whole process was completed with expert care and attention and was a resounding success, with the fragile sculpture being re-assembled without any damage or incidents.

The owners of the sculpture were full of praise for the efforts of the DisasterCare Platinum Logistics team enabling them to continue enjoying the value of their cherished table.

They commented:- “It was a thoroughly professional service from a top team. We were worried about the fragile nature of the sculpture and taking it apart then re-assembling all the leaves. We needn’t have worried, it was delivered, cleaned and rebuilt to absolute perfection.”

DisasterCare Platinum’s Logistics division handle this type of logistics and removal projects on a daily basis. James said: – “This mission was ‘business as usual” for us. Whether an article is worth thousands of pounds or is normal everyday contents, we apply the same level of customer service and deliver excellent results, along with a very caring, thoughtful process on every project we undertake.