Looking for a leek, end up with a marrow!

Customer Dilemma

When DisasterCare South East, based in Brighton were instructed by their local NFU Mutual office in Pulborough to investigate and report on a water leak at one of their bespoke (high value home insurance) customer’s properties, little did anyone realise that the end result would be a couple of prize marrows as a thank you for the excellent service provided!

Phil Knight, from DisasterCare visited site to investigate as the tiled floor in the utility room was badly cracked but there was no obvious cause or any type of escape of water from sanitaryware or plumbing installations.

The policyholder was keen to get to the bottom of the cracking tiles and to pinpoint the reason for the damage and to prevent further damage to the tiled floor or secondary loss from any water damage.

The Solution

Phil got to work immediately and lifted some tiles, to expose a chipboard sub-floor which was saturated, with the leak identified as coming from the cold-water feed to the washing machine. When chipboard is wet, it swells like many building products which had caused the tiles to crack.

Phil’s investigation and report were sent straight to the local NFU Mutual office who instructed a plumber to fix the leaking cold water feed to the washing machine and to remove the affected sub floor, lay new chipboard and reinstate the damaged tiles.

The policyholder was so grateful for Phil’s speedy response and for identifying the cause of the broken tiles he gave him 2 of his prize marrows from his allotment to show his appreciation of the quick work and response provided.

Phil commented: – “It’s nice to be able to help our customers in this way. Though this was a relatively small job it’s always a major concern to the policyholder, as they don’t know why their property had been damaged and want to get the damage put right straight away. We were able to identify the cause of the damage very quickly, with minimal excavation and disruption to the policyholder and allow them to return the utility room to normal service in no time.”

“It was really nice for the customer to show his gratitude in this way, the marrows were greatly appreciated and made a fabulous supper for the whole family”.

DisasterCare Platinum work in partnership with the UK’s leading rural insurer NFU Mutual which has more than 300 offices located in rural communities across the UK. Phil was instructed on behalf of a customer of the Pulborough NFU Mutual Agency. DisasterCare supports many of NFU Mutual’s Home and Contents insurance customers in the event of a claim for fire, flood, escape of water and accidental damage where restoration is the preferred option for a customer, enabling them to have minimal disruption to their lives or to keep their treasured items which can’t be easily replaced. Additionally, specialist services such as mould remediation and leak detection are provided to help put the policyholder’s life back to normal and home in pre[1]incident condition following a flooding incident.