Sentimental contents saved following major fire

Published On: January 10, 2022Categories: Case Histories, Contents

A major fire had caused severe damage to the entire property and its contents of this High Net Worth property in Henfield West Sussex, following an electrical fault. This resulted in not only soot and smoke damage, but also water damage following the Fire Brigades actions to dampen the fire.

The DisasterCare Platinum team in Brighton, Headed by Phil Knight, were called in by the policy holders contents insurer, Aviva, and immediately set to work on clearing the debris and removing all the salvageable contents back their unit for restoration works.

The fire was so severe that it made the property uninhabitable, and a structural engineer had to inspect the property before any of the restoration suppliers could begin their work.

Though many of the contents were beyond recognition, DisasterCare applied their skills and expertise to restore what they could of huge sentimental value to the Valovin family. This included textiles, jewellery and soft furnishings. DisasterCare also project managed the restoration of many pieces of fine art and oak furniture through specialist art and furniture restorers Teaselwood and Leo Frames.

Nearly 12 months later, following major renovation works by the builders, the family could move back into their beautiful home.

Mr Valovin was full of praise for DisasterCare and all the other contractors involved in the restoration and renovation project.

“8am the day after the fire, we met with Stuart from DisasterCare and they have been with us all the way restoring what we could of our contents. Thanks to the amazing team at DisasterCare, Teaselwood and Leo Frames, not to mention Phil Knight’s mum, we have got so many precious items back. Thank you so much. You and all of the DisasterCare team have been amazing”.